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Consumers Reached

We are connected

Shwe Hin Thar SMS uses on-net SMS to the following MNOs;

Objectives of Shwe Hnin Thar

The Shwe Hin Thar sms service is connected to the Myanmar telecommunications industry and aims to make it fast and easy for all important sectors.

Essential of Shwe Hin Thar SMS service

Shwe Hin Thar sms solution service was started in 2020. As an IT and media company, SMS services and OTP systems integrate services for business people in Myanmar with a premium service.

Our Features

OTP and Developer API

Connects APIs for developers and provides OTP (One Time Password) solution

Bulk Campaign

Easily send content that you want to advertise

Sender ID

You can inform your royal customers with your own brand name or company name

Send and Receive Message

The recipients can resend SMS text messages immediately that you send recently to them.

Import Address Book

You can specify the group you want to send

Long SMS Service

You can also send the messages easily although the message texts you want to send is beyond the limit.

SMS Scheduling

You can set the timetable and the group schedule according to the time you want to send it

Report and Analytics

Send via Shwe Hin Thar SMS User Panel for Measuring performance such as SMS usage and costs


Securely store your important data

How to work

By using the Shwe Hin Thar sms service,you can create customer relationships with easy and fast API connection and SMS marketing campaign for your business,a secure OTP (One Time Password) system and other links to your application platform and so make marketing fun and easy.